About 8020 Digital Marketing

We’re a relatively new content marketing agency … but we’re not new to the content marketing industry. It’s an exciting time for 8020 Digital Marketing and we’re proud of our story. We hope you’ll enjoy learning a little more about us!

Our Story

8020 Digital Marketing was formed in November, 2015, out of a passion for helping businesses succeed in content marketing. It’s founders, Jordan and Kimberly Way, spent the first 9-years of their career at an email newsletter and blog marketing company. During that time, they helped to create, implement, and manage hundreds of business-to-business (b2b) and business-to-consumer (b2c) campaigns for companies like Time-Warner Telecom, Office-Max, SEKO Logistics, and more.

After sharpening their skills at email and blog marketing, Kimberly and Jordan moved on to the eCommerce industry. For the next several years, they helped manage content marketing campaigns for brands like Gun Digest, Sky and Telescope, and Writer’s Digest. In November of 2015, Kimberly and Jordan decided to combine their skills and start 8020 Digital Marketing, a content marketing agency to help support b2b, b2c, and eCommerce business owners and marketers.

Since it’s foundation, 8020 Digital has grown it’s client base significantly and expanded it’s service offerings to include professional website messaging, business blogging, video production, whitepaper creation, and case study development. All materials are search engine optimized for your website! The 8020 Digital team can even help create a well-documented content marketing strategy (or revisit the one you have). And, our marketing software is a great solution for those who seek a do-it-yourself option.

Our Mission

Our mission at 8020 Digital Marketing is to provide business owners and marketers with the tools and resources needed to save time and succeed at content marketing.

Our Vision

Developing a winning a content marketing strategy, creating and distributing content, and measuring campaign performance is a time consuming effort. It requires access to resources, attention to detail, and content marketing expertise; however, it’s also one of the best ways to grow a business. Our vision for 8020 Digital Marketing is not about us or what we do. It’s about you! It’s about helping you expand your brand. It’s about helping you grow your business. It’s about helping your business, help it’s customers. We believe that’s all the vision we need.

Our Promise

It doesn’t matter what type of content marketing support you need. We’ll never squeeze you in to purchasing a marketing program that contains a bunch of excess services you don’t really need or want. We just want to bring content marketing and all it has to offer to as many businesses as possible. We’re here to help and that’s our promise!